No Converter Lock?


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Feb 25, 2003
The single-disc Precision Industries converter in our GN does not appear to lock. I confirmed the setting on the Extender chip and still do not feel the converter lock. Cruise RPM is about 250 RPM higher than expected and engine speed fluctuates quite a bit while driving.
The trans and converter are fresh. What's the best way to diagnose the source of this problem?
see if the engine rpm jumps when tapping the brake at 60mph at minimum throttle .verify lockup command is making it from the ecm to the lockup solenoid by verifying 12volts at the case connector and a ground being supplied during computer command of lockup to the solenoid.make sure the case connector is fastened to the wiring harness properly
Thanks for the response...

Can you provide more specific instructions about how to verify the proper 12 volts & ground at the case connector? Do I run this test when the converter should be locked?
The 12V check Chris is referring to should be done with the key on, engine off. Terminal 'A' on the vehicle harness case connector should have 12 V. The power comes through the brake pedal switch.

Once you've verified 12 volts, use a multimeter to check resistance between terminal 'A' and 'D' on the case connector itself. You should see around 24 ohms resistance if the solenoid is healthy electronically.

Let us know what you find.