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Apr 17, 2010
Precision Industries Vigilante torque converters, set up for 400HP 2600-2800 stall, 5 Disc lock up. Todd at Precision said that torque is a bit of a tighter stall. To re-fresh a torque converter at Precision with new stall runs $262.50 plus shipping. If you did this you would have a new torque converter for a little over half the price of a new one which costs $1025.00 plus tax and shipping. I'd be willing to ship to Precision for you instead of shipping to you and then you ship back out to Precision or you can use torque converter as is, your call. Price is $350.00, shipping included

3" stainless cat delete pipe with cut out $100

Braided fuel feed line $25

Cut out pipe, 3" $10

Rear aluminum bumper brackets $90 brand new, never installed

Power Master brake pedal and fire wall bracket $ 50

Another Precision Vigilante #20468 for 350-400hp, 2800 stall single disc


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Aslo rear fiberglass bumper fillers that need touch up and some filler
Stock manifolds and crossover pipe
stock valve covers painted white
gn plack

Will get you pictures if interseted
How are the manifolds and crossover? Matching set? Any cracks? Asking price shipped to chicago

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Sold the multi disc vigilante converter. Still have the one I pulled from running 86GN, single disc, $350 shipped
Just added Siemens/mototron 60lb injectors, all most brand new. Works with stock ecm, no modification needed. $240 shipped