no EGR code anymore... this is why its so hard...


cookin with propane
May 27, 2001
this is why this car is so damn hard to deal with.. when something goes wrong.. i can never find a way to fix it.. but like after a week or two, or sometimes just a day or two.. the problem goes away BY ITSELF.....

my no start problem solved itself.. this involved the car not starting without starting fluid at first... migrated into a 'it starts but only after cranking for like 5 seconds' and then it dissapeared and it starts fine now..

now.. popping under boost... its weird.. my car.. when i know its overboosting, its not cause it knocks, i NEVER hear audible knock.. when i got too much boost for the conditions (like a few people in the car when its real hot outside or somethin) you get on the gas and the exhaust kind of stutters "pshhhhhhtttttthththtththththt" i guess you could say.....
do you think its not overboosting, just giving me crap spark that cant handle the boost instead? ...i can always try to find a coil to borrow ad see..
Maybe a bad O2 sensor? Whe mine was shot, it would make the car studder lots under slightly harder acceleration.