no maf no run


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Hey another stupid question but I read that if your maf is faulty you should still be able to start it with it unplugged and the ecm will go to a limp mode and still run. I don't have any codes but the car runs rich and idles rough and will not start if the maf is unplugged. Is this normal? I have a spare 84-85 maf that has been gutted by the previous owner that I could try and I also have a translator sitting on the shelf once I order a chip and convert to the 87 ecm. Just trying to understand the ins and outs of this thing.....kinda like my wife....she might argue I spend more time sorting out my car though haha:D. Translator is a Plus for LT, 3800 with settings for turbo buicks so im hoping it will work. Cant say I will use the timing portion but the price was right providing it will work.
Good to know. Maybe that's an ic thing. If I watch my scan tool my 02 reading bounces irradicly with the rough idle. All other readings are within spec.