No Power to fuel injectors or pump?


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Mar 30, 2009
I'm completely dumb founded. last year I was running on the highway and blew a head gasket. I pulled the motor replaced injectors, gaskets, pump,cam and cam sensor, crank sensor, and lots of misc. parts. Car still ran when motor was pulled. Its not getting power to the injectors or the pump. Now cant figure out where to start looking for. Car gets spark and will run when you pore a little gas down the tube. even ran a power wire to the pump and made it come on but still wont start. Is there a fuseable link that controlls these fuctions?:confused: :confused:
Check the fuse on the fuse block? Check the plug in pigtail at the rear bumper for the harness? Does it have a hotwire and the fuse blew in the wire under the hood? Is the underhood fuel relay clicking? On the injectors is the cam sensor working? ECM fuse blown?
Do you have a scanner handy? I would see if you can communicate with the ecm;I'll bet you can't.The fusible link at the battery might be at fault. Also, check the ecm and inj fuses in the block under the dash. Let the board know,we'll come up with other suggestions too. Good luck!
No scan tool, to use the ecm fuse is not blown, and there is no power to the hot wire of the pump. gonna check the fuse box for power to ecm
ok so I went out and tested the fuse block with a test light. I pulled the ecm fuse out and tested both sides of the block. I got good power from one side and even with the ecm and fuse out I'm getting power with out the fuse in on the other side. its very weak but makeing the test light light up. is that normal?????:confused: also when key is on no check engine light
Hhhmm...not sure why the other side of the fuse holder would faintly light up your test light. But the SES bulb.....verify it's not burned out.