No shifts or Reverse


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May 25, 2001
I just got my motor back together and running last night (been down since MARCH!!) after a Long and COSTLY Rebuild. Well, this morning was my BIG test drive time. I put the car in drive and pulled her out of the garage and went around the block. It seemed like it wasn't shifting into 2nd, but I didn't really go fast enough to be able to say it wasn't. Then when I got back to the house I pulled up out front and cleaned off the 7 months of grime from the car and then went to pull it back into the garage. NO Reverse. So I had to go around the block again to get it into the garage and confirmed there is no shift into 2nd either. No I did put a stageright transbrake into it during the rebuild. The tranny is less than a year old and it's an Art Carr non-lockup 200-4R. There are no abnormal noises and 1st gear and park work great. the Transbrake isn't working either though. It just shifts into 1st when I put it in 1. No when I put the transbrake in, the tranny was upside down and when I took the valve body off (non-BRF) the check ball fell out on the floor. And the instructions for the transbrake just say to remove a check ball from one position, which left me guessing where the other checkballs went. I put them in the spots that had the bores for the checkballs leaving out the one the kit said to leave out. Can ANYONE help me out with where the checkballs are supposed to be? I assume the tranny has the Art Carr shift kit installed from Art Carr themselves. I think that's where my real problem lies, those damn checkballs.

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Wheres your vendor now?

Mechanically it could be driveshell broken or stripped. Hydraulically, it could 200 things. You put it in. You need to sit back and reveiw your install. Where is your vendor you purchased "product" from now? Call them , they made it. I really don't know. Believe it or not , I have only actually removed them and have only seen a few.
sorry can't help but..... Call your vendor....

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I'll add, that he was just low on tranny fluid. :)

Low on fluid will cause irrepairable damage to trans on ONE shift. All it takes is ONE to wound seriously. I would ck real close to see if any damage was done.