No w/o shifts?


settin' it off
May 24, 2001
I recently installed a 9in a/c converter and the trans decides that it does not want to shift under wide open throttle.

It does shift fine in part throttle situations. But w/o there is no shift. If I run the motor up to 6000rpm I can shift it manually. But nothing below that.

Another odd thing, after going through the traps in 3rd, it will decide to down shift into second at a realitivly hi speed. I Would have to think that it is a related situation.

I would like to add the trans worked 100% before the converter swap.
sounds like a valve in the valve body is sticking or the spring popped out of the govenor
Part throttle is ok? Hrmmm .....odd. fine before huh? Well to eliminate converter reinstall old one. But I would tend to think by what your describing that it is Govenor related.

I did reinstall the old converter, and the problem still persists.

It will not shift into 4th either.
what can fail in the govener?
Should I take it to Vince or do you think it is something simple?
What should I look for?
I squeezed on the car a bit yesterday and I think the trans is now a wounded unit.
Feels like the t.v. cable is outta whack too, but it was fine earlier and is adjusted correctly.
I will wait until the convertor comes back from Art Carr, and I'll drop the whole mess with Vince. Toss him the keys and pick it up in a few days.

This whole car has been "Hurry up and wait". I might even get a clean pass before the snow flies. :rolleyes: