noeth jersey

thanks for the reply but i kinda dont want to go that far. im gonna do another post. dont know how this got here. thanks
I believe that I responded to your other post. North Jersey, Jim Testa's your man, no doubts here.


I'll give you a quick example. Ran my car at the track for the first time and ran a 13.2. Went to Jim, he burnt me a chip and did his stuff. Next time out, 12.7. same 60 foot.
sounds like he does know his stuff. i emailed him and he didnt get back to me yet. he is probably busy. i just got one of his chps and the car seems to drive better but at wot it sucks. i dont think it is his chip , i just cant find the problem and when it comes to all the stuff with the scanmaster{readings} im lost. the few readings i do know are right there pretty much.:confused: