non apspirated performance ?s


May 4, 2005
i have been considering getting rid of my 89 grand am with a 2.5 for a 85 v6 na regal but would like to know if there are any simple bolt-on upgrades to give the big tank enough get up and go. if i could find a 4.1 4bbl intake and carb would that be worth the work? would it hook up with the c4 computer carb setup? can the 4bbl edelbrok intake work with the 4.1 carb? don't know what to do. i would like to have a carbed tturbo for a driver but can't find one. don't wanna spend a lot for a driver beings i live in the rust belt. not expecting a powerhouse setup but just enough to make the thing have more horsepower than the 4cyl i'm currently driving- thanks to everyone's input- jesse
N/A Buick V6

Before the turbo cars became the force they are today, people were playing around with hopping up the 3.8L. The main trouble is that a lot of the old parts are probably hard to come by. Buick spent a s load in the 80s on designing 300 hp + stuff for our engines. You can also see all the r&d stuff they did on the old small block v8, which is just a bigger version. These motors really performed well. I always wondered if a turbo 350 Buick motor wouldn't have been viable.
Anyway,if you want to go the N/A route, shop around. Probably a turbo setup is more cost effective, but your idea can be followed to it's logical conclusion.These are not SB Chevys;all it takes is cash. Have fun.