Northern Michigan & The Tunnel of Trees


Slightly Compressed User
Mar 18, 2006

Took a mental health day off today and went up north to Harbor Springs to check out M119 and the tunnel of trees.

This is 20 miles of road along Lake Michigan that is twisty and narrow. Great piece of road for testing your handling set-up and brakes. ;)

I made one fast run going north which was fun as hell. Got the car sideways a couple of times and went fast enough to get the blood pumping especially in the areas with leaves and branches on the road.

If you are up in this area of north west Michigan I would highly recommend it!! :cool:

I took a quick video but it's too big to post here.
That's a pretty area. I'll be taking the GN out today on my local twisty/tree-covered road but it's only 35mph.

Post your vid on youtube and link it here :)
I will do my best to figure out how to post it up here.

It's not too exciting since I was alone and had to drive at the same time. ;)