nos for the intercooled hotairs


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Iam looking for a nos kit for my 85 intercooled hotair motor. Do they make a kit for the hot airs with intercoolers . I really want it to keep the intercooler cold when racing and nothing more then a 25 to 50 shot.

Does any one know where i can get a kit for this, i know they make one for the intercooled 86-87 but not shore about the hotairs that are intercooled.

I want 12.6 @108.5 not tuned and with the ta33, now i'll have my ta54 and a v2 intake now. I would like low 11's or better with the nos is this posable:D
Do you want to spray the NO2 on the intercooler or in the intake? Either way I'd suggest a custom fogger, or some sort of spray bar.
Do you think it would be better to spray it in the intercooler or in the intake.
What I meant was are you using it just to cool the intercooler? Or do you want to burn it (like most nitrous kits). Some people use nitrous or CO2 to 'ice' the intercooler.

Assuming that you want to burn it, I would go with the intake tube or in the doghouse. Some of the other fellas on here are running a ton of spray, they'll have better answers.
i'll give you some ideas when i see ya at bweavy's later today far it looks like we'll be up between 12 and 1 hopefully.

i havent been to bed tonight so i hope im not to grouchy after the 5 hour or so drive up there..:(
I'll see ya then , be careful on that long drive theres alot of crazys out there.
that's jacked up...i thought we were all brothers come noone told me that you guys were meeting in maryland on's o.k. i hope both you ( crazygn ) and red run 13's all season.....:D ...anyway, crazygn i was in baltimore on norther parkway last night until about 4 a.m. then drove back down to VA....i will email you and hang10 when i come up there this coming weekend.....crazygn, you remember me from capitol that night, i was the black guy that came over to you and introduced you to everyone else that was there with buicks that you didn't know......but anyway, where else is there in baltimore to hang out...manassas is getting boring since i see the same cars every weekend....
Around here it seems that when it gets cold no body hangs out with there cars. My car is down now do to a bad trans but i picked up a deltrans from intercooler today.

With this new trans , ta54, 50lb injectors, and v2 intake i think it will brake my 12.6 run. As soon as it gets warm around here i can meet up with you on richie hwy at the car show and we can show some of these guys whats up.

it will run soon.:D
glad to hear that should do what i do when i'm sleepy and driving....pull over, get out of the car, make about two laps around the car checking tires and lights and works for me...
Hey guys if i try to make my own nos kit for my hot air cant i just buy every thing from summit peice at a time. What all will i need to set it up any one know. Ithink i can do it but i would like to have more then my head thinking here. Can any one make me a list of parts that i need to buy to make this work

cool to see yea mad it home ok
i could list it all.

are you looking to spend alil at a time or do you feel it will be cheaper cause they arent cheap even if pieced together
Well it looks like my tax money is being spent on bills , so maybe i will have to peice it, little by little,

maybe i should have never bought the jeep that would give me another 1000.00 to put in my car.:(
By the way whats this nx system that i hear about , it just sprays on the inter cooler to make it cold. That sounds pretty cool , any one know how much they are or if it would be hard to build that set up.

I know red i dont know what i want to do.;)
They are about $300, I think it would be cheaper and easier to build one.

need a:
bottle n brackets
nitrous solenoid
aluminum tubing
lines from bottle to solenoid
a remote bottle opener valve would be nice but not neccessary

I'm probably gonna make my own if I get some spare cash, but it may be awhile :(

Oh yeah you can use CO2 also, which may be cheaper.
i'll look into this some more , the co2 sounds cool to. Does it just spray on the intercooler any were. And cools it down to where it helps. If this works i gotta try this.
Jim D'Alessandro used to use it on a 7sec car, not sure of the exact setup.

The one I'm plotting is basically an Al tube with holes in it, like a soaker hose. this is connected to the solenoid. The expanding air cools the IC.