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Sexy MF Joe
Jun 1, 2001
All GM stuff, new in boxes. Looking to sell or trade partial, all, some cash or whatever.

GN black Headlight bezels new (no marker lights) 2 pair
1 pair GN headlight bezels (used but need paint)
GN wheel well moldings 3 of the 4, believe i'm missing the drivers rear
Ttype weather strips
GN Center caps
Ttype center caps
front bumper fillers
heater valve
front air dams
Peachstate 1/18th diecast cars..all of them, have the first 6 they ran
GN, ttype, GNX, will get list - gauging interest before I let my son destroy them, all new in the box

Used Ttype rims, pair, good for racing tires, typically dull and in need of refinishing.
Grand national rims..good for widening project, centers good, chrome is junk 4 of them

Looking for a set of rims and tires, torque thrust II, drag lites or whatever...let me know what you have or if you want to buy outright.
Are the weather strips for a T-Top car? If so, I'd like to be first in line if we agree on a price. Thanks.
Are the weather strips for a T-Top car? If so, I'd like to be first in line if we agree on a price. Thanks.

Yes, they are. I'll get a part # on them this weekend along with the other items. They're all up in the garage attic and I'm just going off memory, may have other junk I find once I go up there! :confused:
Holy Crap its Joe! Hows it going man long time no see!! Bump for a great guy and seller.
I have a set of the eagle alloy wheels that look exactly like the amr tt2, I'd love to talk trade for the pair of t-type wheels if they come with center caps. We can exchange pics if your interested. I'm located in ca by the way.
OK, See if I can answer all of the questions in 1 post here...

I didn't have time to get the part #s today like I was hoping (tomorrow) but I did check out the die cast cars cause there seems to be some decent interest in them. I have the first 6 cars they ran. The GN alone last I checked was going for over 200. I'd like to sell them as a package $325 for all. If you want an individual one let me know what you'd like. Here's a pic.

86 GN
86 Ttype
87 GN
87 GNX
85 Ttype
87 Turbo T

I don't have pictures of the GN centercaps but they are brand new in packaging and look like every other GN centercap. Been a member for 10_+ years here and have a superb reputation so they are what I say they are.

Headlight Bezels. $375

Ttype centers $275

Wheel well moldings $400 for all 3

Front fillers $125

$40 heater valve

Air dams are new


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Also, I'm looking for a set of rims & tires. Skinny fronts and 15x8 rear. Not looking to roll my fenders. Can do a partial trade and cash.
Front air dams. Price shipped to 32539. Do you accept Paypal?


Tim, I do accept Paypal,I ask that you cover the 3% fee that's all. $95 plus shipping. I don't have a box to put them in so will nd to get one at the shipping store...they're pretty big.

I would guesstimate shipping about 20-25. Everything I have shipped lately is NUTS! If you want, I could send them out tomorow if you send paypal, then just let you know the actual shippin fees and you can send that along after.