NOS Jets


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May 28, 2001
Whats will the NOS jet for my 87? I want to start off small. And for my combo on my 87, what should I start off with? I also have these chips....

1) Joe L. street
2) Joe L. race
3) Jim Testa race

I will assume the race chips will be out of the question. So the street chip?
NOS jet size

TurboV6, I have a friend with a 40,000 mile stock bottom end, cam, IC, 44turbo w/.82 ex. housing, very mild cleaning on heads, 3'' Houston DP, 2800 stall red stripe, and 009's with a 52 nos jet and a 46 fuel jet on a 107 Armstong chip that ran 10.78 @125 on C16 fuel. I was told this jetting is only about 80 HP.