NOS & NICE Used (Gotta GO!! )

These are Brand New NOS GM parts and all are in Excellent shape.​
Both door weather stripping in the GM bags. $350​
Both front bumper fillers in the GM boxes. $250​
Complete Turbo - T gray horn cap. $150​
Complete GN horn cap. $200​
Complete (all 9 pieces) gray, burgundy or tan shift handles. $100 each.​
4 pull strap screw covers. In GM bags. $50 for a set of 4.​
Right side black marker light. $65​
Right side amber park light. $45​
Black wiper blades in the GM packages. $50 a pair.​
3.8 SFI Turbo hood emblems. $75 a pair.​
Buick grille emblem. $50​
One GN badge. $75​
Turbo -T badges. $75 a pair.​
GNX supplement manual. $250​
GNX badge. $50​
Round dome light lens. In the GM bag. Part # 20013679 $15​
4 TTA wheel center caps with the metal retaining clips and medallions. $100 for the set.​
New gray brake switch. $75​
Accumulator Bowl. Has the yellow silk screen. $250​
A/C delco ignition module, Part # 24503624 $200​
A/C delco coil pack, Part # D552 and # 12353801 $100​
A/C delco fuel filters, Part # GF652 $15 each.​
Original rad.overflow tank caps. $10 each​
Brand new rebuilt alt for 86-87 cars. $100​
I have just about any sensor you need just ask.​
NICE !! Used Parts​
0- Tested & known good accumulator bowl with the yellow silk screen (NICE) $85​
1- Heater hard lines. Been sandblasted and painted gloss black (NOT all rusty) $45​
2-Very nice hot air car oil fill tube & cap. $25​
3- Front license plate mount. Has been sandblasted and painted gloss black. $15​
4- Complete and NICE 86-87 air filter set up. $75​
5- Nice console ash tray. $35​
6-A Cig. lighter never used (like new) $35​
6-B Two TTA used center caps . Excellent shape and NO broken tabs. $50 for the pair.​
7- Excellent gray, burgundy or dark blue 3rd brake lights. $25 each​
8- Set of burgundy front harness belts (harness belts only) alittle edge fraying but still pretty nice belts. $45​
9- Complete set of gray or burgundy rear seat belts that are in excellent shape. $75 for the gray set ad $50 for the burgundy set.​
10- Like new wastegate solenoid.$45 Less than 300 miles.​
11- Like new TPS sensor. $45 Less than 300 miles.​
12- Very nice stock adjustable wastegate actuator. Painted black. $45​
13- Like new 86-87 wastegate solenoid. $45​
14- Limited quarter panel emblems. $25 a set of two.​
15- Have all colors of seat belt buckle covers and the B-pillar bolt triangle covers. $5 each​
16-A Nice burgundy or gray arm rest. $25 a pair.​
16-B Very nice complete set of front dark blue seat belts. $100​
17- Gray, burgundy or blue A-pillar molds for hardtop car. $35 a pair.​
18- Nice stock up pipes. $25 each​
19- 14 inch K&N cone filters with minor rub mark from a/c lines. they are the 3in. NOT all bent and beat up. $25 each​
20- Excellent pair of intercooled badges. $50 for the pair.​
21- Excellent GN fender or trunk badge. $45​
22- Two GN badges with some discoloring on the Turbo 6 logo part. $25 each.​
23- Perfect 86-87 vacuum block with new gasket and bolts. $20​
25- Excellent cam sensor with cap. $75​
26- Known good coil pack & ignition module. $100​
27-A Nice stock intercooler. $50​
27- Nice intercooler fan. $35​
28- Both stock intercooler brackets. $45 for both.​
29- H/D wastegate actuator (very little use) $50​
30- Lower crank hub and pulley. $45​
31- 86-87 ECM and tested good. $50​
32-Ignition module mounting plate. $25​
33- Front or rear alt. brackets $35 each​
34- Right side black marker light (like new) $35​
35- Very nice stock electric fan set up. $75​
36- Nice (NOT all dented up) 86-87 crossover pipe. Has been sandblasted & painted black with VHT Hi-Temp paint. $50​
37- 3in. Black maf pipe. Is scratched up but no dents. $35​
38- Low mile & like new 237 FPR. $25 SOLD
38- Nice original inside mirrors. $15​
39- Power seat side trim panel in gray with correct 8 pin switch and harness. $75​
40- Rear speaker mounts. $15 for the pair.​
41- Two complete gray horn caps with the red T medallion. I've repaired one that had the usual crack on just one side & is hard to even tell it was repaired. The other one has some fading on the outer ring. $50 each.​
42- Nice 86-87 oil fill caps. $25 each.​
43- Nice burgundy, tan or dark blue pull straps. $25 a pair.​
44- Stock size chrome up pipe with alky hole drilled down low on it. Looks new. $45​
45- Excellent front balancer. $75​
46- Nice turbo mounting bracket. $45​
47- Two very nice stock low mile throttle body's (no linkage) $45 each.​
48- Gray brake switch used fro less than 300 miles, known good. $25​
50- Excellent 86-87 oil fill tube and cap. $45​
All PARTS are PLUS SHIPPING & 3% if paypaling.​
Have pics. of any parts (send me your email address for pics.​
Thanks Mike​
Guy's PLEASE read the ad.

All PARTS are PLUS SHIPPING & 3% if paypaling.
Have pics. of any parts (send me your email address for pics.
Thanks Mike
Would like some pics if 14 please also looking for the right side trunk BUICK emblem if any are available

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Mike, why don't you update what's available still? I asked you about the NOS instrument bezel twice I think...