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Dec 21, 2001
I bought this 1987T from original owner Sept 2018 - fully documented from the day car was ordered with ~144k miles! The original owner loved this car and only reason he was selling this as the last item of value to him (he even sold his house, all household and garage items before he sold the car) was to be able to pay for his ongoing cancer treatments and assisted living facility. It was a turn-key car when I bought it, but I could tell he had not been able to maintain it as he had been able to in the past. Thus, upon bringing it home, over 2018 into 2019, several items were addressed (see below), along with specs on the car:

Siemens Deka 60#injectors.
Kenne belle AFPR
Fuel pump hotwire kit
Oil change after replacing oil pan gasket
New TCC installed along with new trans filter, pan gasket and trans fluid
New fuel filter
New Spohn front upper control arms
Remote start (orig owner installed)
CD changer
Concert II
No rust - though a Michigan car, orig owner built his garage and house on his property around the needs of this car and was not driven in winter, and it shows.
Rear airbags installed in both rear springs
3" downpipe
2.5" exhaust
Rebuilt .02 over engine - JE pistons (orig owner - receipts included)
Repainted by prev owner years ago (documented)
Has some cracked paint in about 6 spots (over winter, paint chipped in a couple spots - see pics) - due to this, the car is a candidate for repaint to be perfect or can fix the affected areas only - since I am selling the car, I want to leave that option up to the new owner.
Could use door seals
Front bumper fillers cracked over the winter - needs replacement
LS1 maf with maf translator
Earl Brown intake
Chrome up-pipe
Car cover
Turbotweak 5.7 custom chip

Price: Twp options.
A) with stock OEM gauge cluster = $15,000
B) Orig owner knew people at ASC (confirmed by X-Ray) through whom, the orig owner was able to order an Authentic GNX gauge cluster and then have it installed by ASC (have original order receipts from them). I pulled the dash surround and panel to confirm and it's all original and installed properly.= $18,000

If you have questions, please PM me and feel free to ask me. Son has an 86WH1 which we've been working on and going to start to car shows and cruises together - thus, need to sell my car and it needs to be driven and enjoyed.


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More pics...


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even more pics...


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We have also accumulated several extra parts that can be negotiated or included in the deal - black bumpers, dash bezel, intake, TB, misc parts, ...
Nice looking car,well documented.
Do you have the RPO sticker for the rear deck lid?

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Nice looking car,well documented.
Do you have the RPO sticker for the rear deck lid?

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Alas, I do not... From looks of it, it peeled of at some point in time. Looked all through documents and records and trunk but have not been able to find it. Orig owner sold everything so even has didn't have anything left where he would have kept it.
Does the OEM speedometer cluster on back seat come with sale , and what does the mileage show.
Price dropped to $15k with GNX gauges.
Need the car sold so I'm including an older but complete razr alky kit with the sale.

As for the SPID, when I bought the car, it was not on the trunk lid so I can't tell what happened to it.