Not Again!!!


Gotta Love That BOOST!
Oct 6, 2003
I'd swear my car must have a HIT ME sign on it... No not the Buick but my winter car.... I first bought my 97 Crown Vic. about 2 years ago and after the first year I managed to total it out... Insurance company paid me and I bought it back and rebuilt it fairly cheap..

Now if this would have been my Buick, I'd probably in jail right now!!!

Last summer I was visiting a buddy of mine and his g/f decided to back her Ford Expedition into my quarter panel... Got paid $2500 bucks for that.... Not bad!!!!

This morning at about 4:30 a.m. after about 5 inches of snow, I get a knock on my front door... Heres a cop and he said that a semi was trying to make the hill in front of my house and got stuck at the stop sign and slid into the rear quarter of my car, took the bumper with it and broke my taillight out.. The same spot it was hit about 1 yr. ago.:mad:

So I go to body shop today and get an estimate for the damage and holy sh#$ it was $3750.00

I don't know but maybe I should just sell the damn thing or keep it around because it seems to be making me money anyways:confused:

Maybe I should just keep the car this way it will supply the funds for fixing the Buick!!!!:D

Is there anybody else out there that seem to have bad luck like I do?????

Sorry for ranting on, I'm just venting
I'd buy a '97 Vicky ex-copper HOPING it would get hit. Can't see any other reason. Hell, great idea, I may go buy one at an auction tomorrow...