not thrilled with R4 ac compressor


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Apr 18, 2002
so made a bracket to accept sanden 508 comp.
maybe a bit over kill on gussets, but hopefully no issues down the road.
uses oem accy bracket, and this bolts on,
hold sanden in two places,
uses 4 mount tabs, on the comp.
will update after running a while,
here in AZ, it will run EVERY time its driven.

and yes, I'm aware belt routing is incorrect, waiting for new belt to arrive, (was double checking alignment)



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Looks good. Are you gonna sell those brackets?

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possibly, need to work out some bugs, ( alignment, adjust-ability, etc)
and check longevity.
That's not in a TR, so do you think the compressor being further out will clear the inner fender?
Any more on the reliability? Bracket availability?