Nothing like a race 2 get u up 4 a test....


Jun 7, 2001
I had to wake up early this morning for a test but I went to sleep at 1:45 last night ( I wasn't studing). So anyways, I needed to be in school at 8 and it was already 7:40 when I got on the highway. I must have been doing about 100 the whole way. I get off on my exit and it's a for lane street. I'm hauling @$$ down till i get to a red light. I was the only one in my lane. I look across and I see a Monte SS two lanes down. I didn't pay it any mind cause I needed to get to school. When the light hits green I take off till I reach 60 and then I just cruise. Then the SS fly's by me. He probably thought I wanted to race when I really didn't. So he stops in his own lane at the next light and then I get their right when it turns green. I wasn't going to take off on him like that so we both wait like three seconds and then he jumps and pulls like a car and half on me(Cheater). I floor my car and i notice that he spin second pretty hard so I Know for a fact that he was racing. I'm usually at 10 psi on the street but I turned it up to 14 and just start eating him up. I flew by him and I gave him the Usual "Good Bye" wave. I pulled like 2 cars on him and then I shut it down. He gets next to me on the next light ( I'm turning left)and I asked him if that was a 305 and he said No. My friend had an SS a few years ago and it ran pretty hard. To my surprise, he tells me "350". I was in shock! That thing sounded loud! It had welds and everything. He told me he was scared that his hood was going to fly off. The car did have a big dent in the front and the hood did look like it was tied down somehow, but still, he new that and he wouldn't have wanted to race if he was scared. I told him to fix that thing and that next time i'll give him an even bigger head start. He was a pretty good sport though. Anyways, my mind was now clear and I felt pretty good taking the test. I don't know how I did in the Math Section, but I can tell you this much:

3.8SFI + 14PSI = Good night Monte Carlo SS

Keep Boostin'
Good kill!! I ran a Monte SS when I purchased my "T"(completely stock excpt K&N) and killed him. Good looking cars but they'll lose to a modded Honda. Too bad. :D