novice..need help on SC problem


May 26, 2001
My friend has a 99 GTP. It is stock except for a K & N I think. It does have an adj. fuel reg. His prob is he installed a 12psi pulley on the car and now after he gets on it, the exhaust manifolds are glowing red. I told him i thought the car was lean. He said he increased the fuel all the way up to 70psi with line off at idle and it still does it. He then told me it did the same thing with the stock pulley, but not as bad. Is this a common prob with these cars?

Can someone help?

First off, setting static pressure on a FPR that high will make the computer cut back on fuel delivery and he'll run leaner. Either throw the stock FPR back in, or have him lower it to 52#. Also check all vacuum connections, a vacuum leak can cause a lean condition. Then have him change the fuel filter, and run some fuel injector cleaner to eliminate a other few possibilies.

This problem isn't unheard of, and can result in anywhere from a cracked exhaust manifold to major engine damage if your buddy likes to do high speed runs.