Now this is funny....1977 J.C. Penny catalog

i have one of those
the interesting part is that it worked great. when i had it on my bike i added a bungee cord to keep it from falling out.
years later i got back into CBs and use it to BS with some near by locals.
I guess the late 70's CB radio craze was responsible for this monstrosity:


With that clamped to your handlebars, you probably couldn't see the road. Not to mention the fact that the first time you crashed your bike you were almost guaranteed to be pulling a whip antenna out of your ruined eye socket.
Wow... We laugh now, but 34 years ago that was the style and everybody wore it. Western wear was big in the late '70s, and we probably have Burt Reynolds to blame. At least the western cut shirts of today aren't as busy as those of yesteryear, and I know this because my father has been dressing like Roy Rogers since I can remember. Guess its better than dressing like Buck Rogers :biggrin: And being a product of 1981, I now know where all them hand-me-down clothes I got from my older cousins came from.

Thanks for sharing! I'd be real interested in seeing what was available in the automotive section of that catalog!!
HAHA. That's funny stuff. Don't lose track of that catalog. I nice capture of Americana. I wouldn't be surprised if you could sell that for a pretty penny. You would be surprised what people collect.