Now this is funny....1977 J.C. Penny catalog

A JC Penney catalog from 1977. It's not often blog fodder just falls in my lap, but holy hell this was two solid inches of it, right there for the taking. I thumbed through it quickly and found my next dining room set, which is apparently made by adding upholstery to old barrels:

They must have sold a bunch of those sets cause my parent had the set also. Made with the finest Naugahide available. :p
Thanks for the great post and entertaining narrative. I actually remember that stuff back then...I was married a year when that catalog hit the mailbox. NO, I DIDN'T wear any of it. But I knew enough people that did.

Imagine how much of your paycheck it took to buy that $289 stereo in 1977. And, that's before most people had revolving lines of credit and a dozen credit cards.

Things were really different then...

I have a set of shop tires that are from JC Penny! they actually still have tread. would be great tires if they werent hard as a rock!

Funny Stuff! (I recall a lime green leisure suit with a big white belt my mother dressed me in- I'm pretty sure that only happened once:mad:)

BTW, I seem to recall seeing somewhere that people actually collect these old catalogs. Probably loads of funny stuff out there...
I'm pretty sure I could find you that radio for under $300. More like $1.00 at any yard sale. And I could beat them down to a quarter. And I'd still be getting fleeced.

Or a second hand store....used to see them just like that in there all the time.

Imagine how much of your paycheck it took to buy that $289 stereo in 1977. And, that's before most people had revolving lines of credit and a dozen credit cards..

If I calculated the inflation right, that amount back then would be around $1076 today. :eek: And I'll bet on top of that, it really wasn't quite the "top of the line stereo" like they made it out to be, unlike something like a Pioneer or a Kenwood. (the "gurus" over at Audio Karma would shun these "all in one" models) I certainly couldn't see myself paying that much cash for something that's not a name brand. Not to mention, I would have thought back then 8 tracks were already on their way to extinction with the onset of cassettes a few years earlier.

The other interesting item is the bicycle CB radio...anyone that knows CB's knows they need the proper length antenna to work w/o getting damaged and that one most certainly doesn't have the correct length, but I guess it's ok if you only want to talk to someone less than an 1/8 mile away from you. :rolleyes:
That is some funny ****! What everyone doesnt realize is that just about anyone making minimum wage could survive if they worked 40hrs/week. Cost of living wasnt dick compared to what it is now. People dig their own holes though so let them fall in:rolleyes:
Holy Cow...this is hilarious! I think this is the only time I've got my wife to look at with any sort of real interest. We're both laughing so hard that we've got tears in our eyes! Your comments are priceless!!! Thanks for the laughs.

Same here! My God, are you funny! You fit just the right words to the right pictures. I haven't laughed so hard in a long side is hurting!
Can't wait to show my wife this tomorrow, er...ah....later on today.

Thanks a million. You should be, and I'm not kidding, a comedy writer for Leno.

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