Now What ??


May 26, 2001
Well here's the latest trouble.
My car just died on me during a normal drive. After checking EVERYTHING with a friend we thought it was my computer that had given out (so I ordered one). We hooked it up and still no difference. While moving the computer there was a change so we came to the conclusion that it was the wire connector. Today we had to add a ground wire to the ecm to turn the car on with old wire connector in order to drive it to shop.We'll see results today when I pick it up.
Just thought I'd add some knowledge to someone else with my experience.
But Wait, There's More

Well, I picked up my car and found out that after a new ecm and ecm connector professionally soldered I still have the same problem. I had the guy at the shop run an extra ground to my computer in order to get the car running. I did get two codes--42,44.
Does anyone know where I can get a diagram tracing the original ground for the ecm. I'm pretty sure mine is fried somewhere down the line.
I'll keep you all informed with any new news.
dammit, I have lots of wiring diagrams, but NONE of them mention WHERE the grounds originate...

Click this link, it's of the ECM PLUGS, it shows what each wire is for, and what voltages each connection should have with key on, key on engine running, AND if the circuit is open...maybe this will help? (if you can't read any of it, e-mail me and I'll translate!)
All ECM grounds originate at the lower alternator bracket bolt by the AC compressor. I THINK there are six. Also, if the module and module bracket aren't grounded properly the ecm won't function.
yall dont forget about the ground at rear of motor drivers side it will either go to back intake bolt a bellhousing bolt or to the back of the head.

most likely that would be the ecm ground and the ones on the front would be for sesors and module.

and im not talking about the ground coming off the firewall but same area..;)
What is this ground your talking about? Mine definately doesn't have it. Does it come out of the wiring harness?
that was a long dinner break wont it...

follow the wires that go to the plate on the drv. side vale cover ..
where they go into the harness there is a T in the conduit and there will be a hefty black wire hanging out the harness it should have a big ilet on the end..

i always had mine under a bellhousing bolt but you could go to the back of the head or an intake bolt as long as it is grounded to the motor it will be fine.

while your back there make sure there is a ground from firewall to motor also

let us know what you find...later
Cool 84, you hit it right on the head. The bolt somehow broke and left all the ground wires just hanging there. Now the car starts right up. BUT I did notice that my induction isn't sucking in as much air (before I could hear it sitting in the car, now I can't here it standing right in front of the car). I also saw that ground wire on the driver side behind the engine and that is just hanging (at some point someone just cut it) and I still haven't fixed that. Now I'm getting code 45.

Any thoughts guys? Thanks in advance.