odd factory GN hoods??


odd factory GN hoods??
I didnt know where to post this.
A friend and I were talking about factory aluminum parts and what we both have, I have a aluminum 82-92 TransAm/Formula turbo bulge hood (used on 91-2 Firehawk comp package cars) and he has a factory experimental Aluminum GN hood. Mine has all the under hood bracing, steel hood pt number and weighs 20lbs,it was on a production car. His only has the outer under hood bracing and a experimental PT number on it Id say his is 15lbs. Ive weighd mine but not his.
Cool story on how he got it.
We were just kinda wondering how many were made and what its worth approx?? anyone have a idea?
I posted this in the for sale section also, Mods move this where you want. Thanx
Post pics of hood. This has been a topic before and people said they had an aluminum hood. Gm never produced one for production. They said aftermarket companies made them. Im sure nascar had aluminum hoods produced for them. Post pics of both sides of hood
He has it in the attic of his shop. Its been several years since I saw it.. He got it many years ago (early to mid 90s) off of a car GM Donated to a school. no vin on car in normal spot. Car was supposed to be destroyed. It def has a GM number on it but its been awhile since I saw it.. I wonder if they used the same steel/pt number stamping tools like they did with the Firebird hood?
Im sure this was never in production but it surely could have been if they left all the bracing..
They do exist as production parts for 78-80 cars, I have two different part numbers specified for aluminum hoods. I have no evidence of them existing for an 81-newer car. Cool story.


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Im hoping to meetup with him this week.. Ill see if I can snag some good pix.. This is the 87ish GN hood with the bump on top..
I think Kenny D's or Billy Shafings ( Spelling ) car had one in the 90's down in Bakersfield. I saw it on one of there cars ! I was told at that time there was like 4 or 5 out there somewhere. I am betting they were Nascar built parts myself but who really knows? I saw it, touched it, and offered to buy it. They do exist !
I knew a guy (Cory) that knew the guy that had that hood, I heard the same story about 10 years ago. The guy is in illinois and I heard that there are about 4-5 aluminum hoods out there.
I knew a guy (Cory) that knew the guy that had that hood, I heard the same story about 10 years ago. The guy is in illinois and I heard that there are about 4-5 aluminum hoods out there.

I know Cory Hunsley and the guy with the hood.. small world! Where are you from?
Im fairly sure this is aluminum on the bottom of the hood also? maybe it is steel bolted to the aluminum skin? Its been a loooong time and many beers ago since we all oogled the hood.. My Bird hood is all aluminum and its spotwelded just like the steel hoods.. I also found a 83-7 olds with aluminum hoods and front n rear crash bars under the bumpers.. cool stuff back then..
I'm from Lemont, i knew Cory (haven't seem him in years) through a friend of mine Kurt before he moved to Tennessee.
Just bringing this thread back since I just got back from Wisconsin and brought with me an aluminum hood slated for the upcoming 1978 Monte Carlo and was built by Alcoa for GM (5 hoods w/hardware was saved from the scrapbin as I was told-maybe the source of the "5" description....? idk) This hood belonged to a fellow Monte Carlo SS member so if this "non existent" hood does indeed exist for the 78-80 Montes (albeit only 5 got out) then it stands to reason Buick most likely has some rarities out there too.....in one of these pics you can see the very rare low tension hinge springs designed for this hood as well. Since this hood was axed by GM, there's no known part number associated with it but-there it is. I have a unicorn in my possession.


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Thanks! I've never about the Monte specific aluminum hoods until recently myself. I am still looking for an aluminum core support and 78 only aluminum Monte decklid. Its funny that everybody thinks the Monte decklids are rare but they arent-ALL production 1978 Montes got them and the early run 79's too.

If I decide to use this hood, I'll paint the top and edges but I'm only painting the underside just to the rolled seam edge-no further. The rest I plan to leave raw so the various scribes and markings will always be visible.
I bought a tubbed and caged 1986 GN with a blown sbc in 1991. It had an aluminum hood with a hole cut in it! The guy said it was the hood that came on it. I was told there were 50 made back then.