Oddity in the timing table


New Member
All the chips I have show a bump in the timing at 2800 RPM in the higher load areas (192 or so and above). Some of them bump the timing up by as much as 5 degrees even under heavy load.

There are some other oddities in the 3200 RPM row but they are lower in the load region.

I'm trying to figure out what the anomaly is used for but I'm not having much luck. Can anybody shed some light on this?

Charles Brooks
Those are in the stock chips, too, so you'll have to ask Buick for the real answer. I think it's for spoolup.
Thanks Carl, I'll have to play with that a bit later on when I get comfortable :)

Hhmm, I better start saving for a rebuild now "Just in case".
If you care, heres my theory...

Part of the reason would be that automatic cars tolerate/need more octane to get "moving". Spoolup is a side benefit IMO.

Hows that for a short answer?