Unsure about stall converter


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Nov 17, 2011
Dear members-

Preface- I've been restoring my 87 GN for 4 years and its my first time owning one so please take that into consideration before beating me up on my questions. I have spent well over 20k in restoration costs and I want to make sure i protect my investment as much a possible all while learning as I go from more experienced owners on this board.

So about 8 months ago I had my 200r4 BRF refreshed by Monster Transmission and upgraded to support 450HP. As part of that refresh a 10' 2800-3200 stall, 27 spine LU converter was installed. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a small rattling noise coming from the converter as well as I noticed the engines power band wasn't quit matching up with the power i was putting to the tires so I ended up take the care back. Come to find out when they cut the converter open 2 of the blades on opposite end had bent themselves outward for some reason. When I asked how that happens they did'nt have an answer as they said usually when blades do bend they tend to be next to one another. Anyhow, my transmissions shifts amazingly and I am very happy with it.

However, I am fairly new to TB and I'm not 100 certain if my torque converter is behaving as it should which is why I am posting. So here's the deal....When I drive the car under normal conditions (0 boost) its shifts smoothly from 1-2-3 no issues..However, if I hot-rod it I notice the transmission will delay shifting from 1-2 and I can feel as though its winding up as my RPM increase maybe (stalling?) before it shifts into 2nd. I set my scanmaster to show my RPM's and the shifting from 1st to 2nd occurs at around 3000 RPM.

NOTE: Prior to having my transmission refreshed by Monster Transmission I was driving around with an all stock tranny and a Dave Husek 3021 2800-3200 LU converter and I didnt recall this occurring during normal and under boosting conditions. The only reason I am not using Dave Huseks converter is for 2 reasons...the originally stock transmission burned up the clutches therefore contaminating the converter and 2 because it will void my warranty with Monster Transmission if I used a converter not provided by them.

Thanks in advance for your time and any feedback...
Well, guess you should have had Dave do the trans to so you could use his converter. What's it shifting at when WOT?
In a perfect world yes I agree. To be honest I haven't taken it through the WOT paces as of yet
I don’t have much faith in Monster trans. I assure u Dave’s converter is 1,000 times better than the one ur using. When trans fails send it to Dave.