OE parts for sale( a couple new and rest used)

moky hales

Jul 5, 2013
(A couple and rest used) give me a price on what you see or want plus shipping. Serious inquires, all parts are in working condition. Thanks

Rear end pinion alignment kit $40 shipped
Dual pillar post and gauges(temp & oil ) $40 shipped
T-top pods gauge holder $30 shipped
Air temp wire extension $25 shipped
Coil Pack 35 shipped
Mass Air Flow $35 shipped (pending)
Cam sensor tool $40 shipped
Vacuum Block $20 shipped(pending)
OE oil dipstick and tube $20 shipped
L-Side exhaust manifold $30 each shipped
L & R motor mount $20 each shipped(pending)
Crank Sensor $25 shipped
OE stock intercooler $55 shipped w/parts
Power master brake pedal $30 shipped
Turbo Brace $10 shipped
Adjustable waste gate stock $15 shipped
Turbo 6 head rest cover(sold)
Power master cylinder reservoir $45(pending)
GNX cover (sold)
ATR 7th injector kit old school kit,

OBO on all parts!!


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I will take the oil dipstick and tube and turbo support. Pm me your PayPal info

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Intercooler fan hub, zinc coated piece. Shipped to 61571?

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How much for the inter cooler shipped to 78112

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Are the fins in good shape? No damage to the intercooler? Thanks.

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Everything looks good to me, the intercooler fan rub in a place. No Damage.


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