OEM Front Air Dam fit...is yours flush


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with the bumper filler and side of the fender?? I removed both sides to install FMIC and noticed after reinstalling the fit is not flush ??? And if they were flush when I removed them (don't recall but never really checked from below) I don't know how to get them back to a flush fit.

The fit at the front bumper is fine....

I'm guessing they weren't flush in the first place and I never noticed.

Thanks for your observations.

Bob did you also remove your bumper? The height adjustment on the bumper will affect the alignment of the airdams on the fenders. ;)
Hello John...no I didn't remove bumper and the fit between the top of the air dams and the bottom of the bumper is fine. After the air dam wraps around to head towards the wheel well is when I lose a good fit. There is about 1/2" of the bottom of the bumper filler is exposed (when looking from the bottom) and it gradually gets better to the point where it's OK at the wheel well.

John...you coming to the Indy Buick Event??

Funny you ask about Indy. I just received mail about it today. I will be on vacation so I will be unable to attend.

About the airdams. If you were to loosen the bumper (the 4-13mm bolts on each side at the bumper shock) and push the bumper up as an entire assembly it would take care of your gap problem. I had the same issue when I reassembled my car after the accident on 9-11-05. I was also unsure if it was like that originally or not. Try my idea or just leave it.
The gap isn't a horizontal gap between bottom of bumper and the top of the air dam...the fit at the bumper is fine. No gap. The problem is the corner where the air dam turns towards the rear of the car is inboard about 1/2" from the outer edge of the bumper filler. This is when viewed when laying on your back, on the ground, and looking up. This 1/2" "not flushness" narrows to 0 the closer you get to the rear most end of the air dam at the wheelwell.

Didn't think it was like this when I removed it....but havn't touched the bumper, bumper filler, or fender.