OEM metric lug nuts.

These are OEM off a 85 T Type
OEM 85 T-Type Lug Nuts 3.jpgOEM 85 T-Type METRIC Lug Nut Acorn Top.jpgOEM 85 T-Type METRIC Lug Nut.jpg

This is a Raybestos replacement lug nut purchased in 1995 Made in the USA
This has the Metric Flat Cap & is sleeved over the lug nut like the OEM
Raybesto METRIC Lug Nut USA.jpg

This is a Raybestos Lug Nut purchased last year Made in China
This is just a solid metal lug (not sleeved over)
Raybesto METRIC Lug Nut China.jpg
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Thanks for the pics but I thought the T type ones were different than the Gn wheels ? And the Raybestos obviously was not factory
Not sure what came on the GN. I thought all Turbo Regals came with the same lug nuts. Maybe someone can chime in who has the GN OEM lugs.
I just posted the pics of the Raybestos for comparison purposes. Hope this helps
Thanks. Hopefully someone has them
If I remember correctly, the round(concave) ones were for GN’s. The Raybestos version(convex) are for the Turbo Regals(Non-GN’s).

As for NOS they’re rare as hen’s teeth.If you’re looking for some.

If ya don’t mind aftermarket, you can find them.
those early(84-85) gn wheels and the 86-87 turbine wheels are the same except the gn wheel has the black between the spokes. I know the 86-87 came with the capped flat top ones with metric on the top. the earlier ones might have not sure. the steel gn wheel of the 86-87 came with the capped and rounded top. I'd have to do some digging in the stash for pix of each . not remembering what my 84 ttype had for lug nuts but it did have the more finned aluminum wheel. I like those better but never had another set after I traded off that car.
lots of "better" nuts out there than the original stuff. those caps are just a bad cover up for cheap lug nuts and if you were swapping wheels at the track/street they took a beating.