Offy dual port intake

I ran one on an odd fire V6 back in the 70's in my Toyota pickup. I used a 390 CFM Holley four barrel. Mileage was not too bad, but performance was not good. I replaced it with a Holley open plenum intake and a Holley 600CFM and then a Quadrajet. The dual port and the Holley intakes will only fit the odd fire heads or pre 79 even fire low port heads, I believe. The dual port would be good in a V6 Jeep for low end power. I installed Offy dual port intakes on a lot of V8's during the 70's fuel shortage when people were looking for mileage. The primaries use the smaller ports and the secondary's used the larger ports. It pretty much choked off the high end power, but they ran better than a factory 2 barrel intake.
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