Oh where oh where has tonya gone.. oh where oh where can she be?


Lead foot and a slow car
Tonya.. where ya at? is it delivery time? havint heard from you in a while.. we need your point of views too...update update update..:D
I am here. I've been around every other day or so. I usually read about everything posted in this forum & most stuff in the lounge & the Yahoo clubs, but only respond to about 2%. I have been getting a little moody, so I am attempting to keep my nose clean. I have been doing pretty good, but am feeling more & more pregnant every day. I have put on some weight & am trying to continue to work 40+ hours per week, but it's getting tough. My feet & ankles have been swelling up like you wouldn't believe. I just took an Epidural class :eek: :eek: :eek: , yikes!...it's gonna hurt, but I will need the drugs, I am no macho woman & can't deal with pain so well. I have a bunch of classes comming up in Nov (poor Rich, I'm dragging him to all of them), it's getting closer & my anxiety is building up. My due date is 01/05/02. I am having my baby shower @ work Wed & am very excited about that.
Audiowiizard posted up pics in the lounge of Rich & I, you should go check them out (under "Heres a pic of us! What do you look like?") Wow...I look pregnant. It's a recent picture, so I haven't gotten any bigger yet.
We took my car out the other morning, it was a nice cool morning. I finially got 10 psi of boost out of her. I usually only see 6-8. I didn't have the G-Tech with me, we were just planning on cruisin'. It sure felt good to get that much boost, it did get a little knock @ shift. I have an alky kit on the way & already have an adjustable waistgate to add to her, when I get those toys on look out. It should be fun.
Thanks for asking about me....I'm glad to know I was missed. Like I said I haven't been feeling all that great & haven't really felt like posting alot lately, but I read about everything.......I'm not trying to be anti-socialable. :D
P.S. If anyone sees baby clothes with the Power6 or Buick theme, or anything close let me know. I want my son to have some cool clothes to wear. :)
Thanks & take care,
~ Tonya ~