Oil filter thread size - TTA

tta uses a larger thread filter PF1218 which has same thread as the pte turbo saver and the rjc biggie adapter
13/16 -16

the GN uses metric thread m18x1.5

that said.. i dont know off hand what the thread is on the TTA offset adapter where the coolant oil cooler bolts up , if you removed the cooler and the adapter youll loose the oil pressure sender and youd have m18 threads same as the GN but theres no room to screw the filter on because of the steering linkage which is why the TTA has the offset adapter

canton should have the 13/16-16 thread insert for the billet adapter to allow it to thread right on
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Learn something every day. Already got the correct filter and in the middle of exchanging with my TTA customer.
I'm curious as well. I know that some of my timing covers have ended up on TTA's over the years and they all left with 18mm threads on the filter adapter.
Yes..I am biting into another old thread. I am looking at an external mounted oil cooler setup from Improved Racing. They have a trick thermostatic oil filter mount that I’d like to try.
My question is about the oil temperature the thermostat switches on. They have different temperature thermostats to choose from.
What oil temp is ‘ideal’?

185°, 205°, or 215°?

I keep thinking water therm is 160°, should I choose a similar low temp for oil?

I have been running RoyalP 5/40
In an 84 3.8l HotAir.