oil in down pipe help!!!!!!!!!


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Jun 11, 2001
Hi i jumped on the gas tonite when i came to a lite car started smoking real bad oil when i got the car up in the air it looked like the oil was coming from the down pipe car still runs good so i dont think it is a bad ring will a bad turbo do this of so how do i ck it and what does it take to fix it.
yep...classic symptom of bad seal in turbo...Needs to be rebuilt...Either find a local turbo place to do it, send it off to John Craig or Precision Turbo, or just buy a new center section, or upgrade to a bigger turbo...LOTS of options you have going...
do you run an open dp? or was there just oil on the outside of the dp?

if theres oil on the outside burning offf.. leaky rear main.