oil pressure


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May 26, 2001
last night while driving home my oil pressure dropped to almost 0 at idle and 15 psi while driving. The oil light on the dash came on at idle since the pressure was low. The front cover and high volume pump are about 3 years old. 20k miles. Can you by the oil pump seperate from the cover. Would it do any good to take the cam sensor out and check the pump shaft? any thoughts?
I'd have a look at where the brass fitting enters the block and where your 'T' branches off this piece for any signs of a leak. If all is dry here, then I would pull the filter, adapter and bottom off the pump and have a look at the underside of the pump cover. If it is baddly scored/worn etc.. this can be a sign of pump problems. You certainly can purchase the pumps separately.
This was happening to me not too long ago.Then it got more frequent.It ended up being two smashed rod bearings that eventually spun.It cost me a crank and two rods.At least it gave me a good excuse to install ported heads,cam an intake while it was out.I hope this is not the same problem,but mine was similar.
Yes, you can replace the oil pump. It is separate from the timing cover. If I were you, I would pull down the pan to be sure your oil pickup is not blocked by any debree and while there, pull some rod caps and take a look at your bearings. Removing the pan is a simple job. Hope you find your problem.
Just a thought, If you start the car with the oil cold, if the pressure does not go higher--oil pump,,.If you have somewhat decent pressure but falls fast as oilwarms up---- bearings
take your oil filter off and cut it in half to inspect any trapped bearing material.this will be a good indication of the inside of your engine.if that looks clean then take off the oil filter adaptor and check the pressure relief valve to make shure that its not hungup.