Oil Pump Replacement Questions

Papa John

New Member
Feb 11, 2002
Hey guys, this is my first time ever replacing an oil pump, and it didn't come with instructions(got a new front cover replacement from johnsperformance). I used the "search" engine, and couldn't find anything. I was just wondering what all the different springs that came with the gears were for? Only one needs to be replaced, right?
If you got the same cover as me, theres 2 different sets of springs. There must be 2 different oil pressure relief valves or caps. I dont remember which set i used, i think the shorter set, its pretty obviouse which set to use. I used the Blue spring and I got 20lbs @ idle and like 70 at rpm.
BTW, If you have an allen screw pl;ug directly on the top of the cover, Loctite it in. It can walk its way in and fall into the chain.
Hope that helps
thanks for the reply. My cover only came with one relief valve, so that shouldn't be too hard to decide :D. The blue spring was closest the the stock one out of the rest, so I was thinking about using that, but the cover also came with the high flo gears, and I was wondering if that may effect which spring to use? And are there different torque specs for the springs?
The instructions say which spring is rated for what pressure, use the 70psi spring as the 80psi one will give you high readings when cold (might blow the oil filter). The nice thing about these engines is that you can change the spring without dropping the pan. Unless the spring is broken or really weak it will not affect the idle oil pressure, it is just a limiter to keep you from getting too much oil pressure. HTH