Oiling and balancer


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Feb 4, 2004

Continueing with my education as a new member of the ranks of the turbo6, I have 3 questions for this posting.
1. Melling high volumer oilpump kit? Good idea, bad idea? Specifically this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/e...4&category=6778&sspagename=STRK:MEBWA:IT&rd=1
2. Ramchargers vs TA front cover, whats the difference besides the TA comes with the oil pump already on it? Which is a better and a better deal?
3. Who makes a new hi performance harmonic balancer for these motors?

Much like the 455's, stay away from the high volume oil pumps...On a newly rebuilt motor with proper bearing clearances, you just don't need it...They do put more pressure on the front cam bearing and the block cam thrust surface, as well as the cam sensor gear...

As far as Ramcharger's vs TA front covers...I'm not sure if Ramcharger's are still using the old Modern Musclecar source for the front covers, but MM front covers were a high volume oil pump that was built into the cover(no "kit" needed, just the gears...)(See my first comment about the HV oil pumps for these motors...) As for the TA cover, I'm almost positive they use a brand new GM timing chain cover, and if you get the one that is assembled, it should already have the proper end gear clearanced by TA...Not sure if they do any other oiling mods to the cover, though...

All statements expressed in my post are my opinion on the oil pumps for these motors...