ok.. ive been told of teh paperclip trick..but what does it do?


Lead foot and a slow car
what does it do when u put the clip in the upper right and left most spot in the diagnostic thing do? do u get a lil more outa the gears or somthing?.. someone please take time to explain it to me..
Not worth explaining..... It is just that.. Back yard bull****.
if you want to lock converter look at ways to do it right.

I agree with WE4 (who wouldn't) If you do it do it right with the switch at least.
Want it does is lock the converter. Your tcc locks (no slip) & unlocks (slips) the toque converter. it makes it work like a clutch. When you lock it there is no slipping of the trans, all power goes to the rear end. Be very careful with this, MANY people have toasted their trans doing this.
That's the best that I can do or how I understand it.