IDK how my ring gear broke a tooth but need rebuild advice (yes I read every thread regarding rear diff rebuilding. My issue is different)

If you have any questions inbox me I've done a bunch of these
Well as of right now I paid a guy that I went to wyotech with to fix it for me. He actually had an open 8.5 25splinr diff with a stock GN ring gear on already pressed on it and Pretty decent bearings pressed onto it. Anyway I needed the car mobile in case I need to move it. So he cleaned out the inside of my rear, I watched him check the clearance/backlash (I guess you call it) with thus white color paint/dye and he write down that he used the same shims that came out with my actual LSD unit.
So as of right now my car is drivable but has an open rear diff and he only charged me $50 cash and a pizza. But he even said to get my original LSD fixed with a new stock sized ring gear and since I purchased the NOS OEM posi clutches and A new S preload spring to just follow the directions and change out the clutches and get someone to pull that broken ring gear off and buy either a genuine OEM ring gear and a new pinion or a one from a good aftermarket company and to stay away from eBay made ones unless I find a NOS OEM one from a private seller. Then buy new bearings and have someone with s shop press press the bearings on (I’m tempted to buy a harbor freight stand up shop press as they are on sale for Labor Day. What y’all think about that? I’m sure I’ll use it again. Plus if any of y’all are in Daytona and need something pressed on you can just come and use it). Anyway he said to get my original LSD unit all ready to drop in and he will install it for free.
But he did say that the open non posi rear will last me. But it’s really not good for our cars because the tires don’t wear evenly and loss of traction in the rain is almost eminent with the torque that car puts out. But I don’t plan on driving it much until the full restoration is complete and it looks like it did the day I drive it off the dealers lot.
But thank you and everyone else. You guys are great. I spend at least 3 hours a day just reading threads on how shit works with our cars. Mostly in the how to section.
You guys are awesome!!!!