Okay! Who's going tonight???


Thanks for the CD! Haven't heard some of those songs in years. Especially BOC!

"Oh no, there goes Tokyo. Go, go Godzilla" :D

Saturdat nite drags

I checked out the drags saturday nite with my son and daughter.
Saw an 87 GN running easy 12's along with a grey T and a white T doing easy 13's. Awesome!! I think you guys stole the show. Pretty awesome holeshots off the line. Heck, the GN ate that late model vette! Went into the pits to check it out. They looked busy analyzing their scan tool data so I didn't interrupt. Maybe next time when they aren't as busy, I'll stop to say HOWZIT.


The White T (Hawaiian Turbo), and the GN (X-Ford Man) run in the 11's! They were running through the exhaust last night on order to tune for the shootout in November. :)

Saturday nite drags

11's?!?! I'm even more blown away! It's one thing to read about the performance of our cars, but to actually see them run is a trip!
I'll definately be at the shootout to see them go! Would sure like to meet you guys.

Howzit G man, I think I saw you come by us in the pits, you should have stopped by to say wassupp. Geoff is right. We were running through the exhaust. What a trip!! I couldn't even hear my motor when heating up the slicks!!! Anyone seen Derrick? I heard he ordered all kinds of parts for the shootout. See you guys later.
Saturday nite drags

Howzit Hawaiian Turbo! Killer burnouts! Couldn't hear the moto,
but we saw the smokin' rubber and the buzz of the turbo. Geez, my son and I were beating each other on the head waiting for more TR passes! Now, I can't even keep the kid away from my '85 (he drives a Geo Metro; you gotta start somewhere I guess). Funny, I told him he'd probably die if he got behind the wheel of my car. He asked why, thinking the car had too much power for him to control. I said "cause if I catch you, I'll kill you!!!"


:confused: :confused: :confused:
*LOL* YOu're right Gman, we all have to start somewhere. Let's see, what did I start in..... A four door aspen!! *L* Are you going to run your TR ?

Les, I'll wash your car if you wash my truck.:D