OMG Im getting old

86 TR

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I can't believe my 86 Buick is 28 years old already! Its almost scary. Wow.

Im only 37 but time goes so quickly.

I can remember which feels just like yesterday that i was running my 87 GN at the track. Talking with all the other buick owners, asking what they did to their cars. Trying to get mine to run the best I could back in the day.

I owned my first TR back in 1995. I was 19 years old. A 87 GN, which I still should have kept to this day. I still see the car from time to time.

I bought my current Buick back in 03. I guess Im just having a hard time dealing with the way time passes. A friend of mine has owned his 86 T-type since 1989 which we just got on the road this last year.

Guess you can say im stuck in the Eighties!

I know I heard a song the other day about being stuck in the 80's.

In my mind the g-body chassis is timeless.

Mid-life chrisis? Not in the midlife yet lol.
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I turn 50 in 1 month and you want to think you're old? Nothing personal but kiss my ass.:finger: I started with an NA Buick V6 and ran it in SCCA street modified or super street modified. We're talking old school carbed with ported heads, 1 & 5/8" primary KB headers, and a 5 speed. On and off the street. I spanked quite a few moosetanks and can'tmaroes in the early/mid 80's and had a lot of fun. I graduated just before the SFI HA cars came out and was legal drinking age when the IC cars came out. There are more than a few that got in before I did but most of us still think you need your diapers changed before you get to where we are.:ROFLMAO:
I'm an original owner, and it does go by fast. Like Ferris Beuler said, Sometimes you must stop and live life or it passes you by, or something like that.
I am 51. I remember looking at them when they were new and high tech. Sometimes I feel like I am still 19. Other times I feel like a geezer. Times does fly.
Ordered a new GN in 1987 And my oldest turned 25 today will be 48 in march Time goes by to quick wish I knew then what I know now And I am still a dumb ass because I keep getting this cars :rage:
I always figure I wouldn't know much if I didn't tear stuff up and have to fix it.

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I was 27 when when I bought a 1986 GN still in the wrapper from Peter Epstien Buick in Palm Springs, CA. (long since stolen)

Yeah, that makes me turning 55 in July of this year and "officially" a senior citizen.

I say phooey to you young whipper-snappers!!!!!

It's almost 4PM, I have to go at the IHOP for dinner now.........;)
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I knew old age was creeping up on me but it hit home a day or so ago when I was flipping channels and came across a tribute band covering the Beastie Boys. I bought my first Turbo Buick in 1990 , it doesn't seem that long ago. :rolleyes: I still have a Buick in the garage and listen to 80's music. I'm just stuck in a rutt I suppose. :D

hello people; Time waits for no one so all we can do is deal with it. I feel it but I'm not letting it bring me down. I lost a neighbor this past weekend he was 94 and now this morning I heard Pete Seager died at about the same age but was still performing just a few years ago. How about Paul Mcartney and Ringo on the Grammies. I think Paul is in the 70's and I remember seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show when I was a kid. Funny I really don't feel my age till I look in the mirror.
go with the flow and hopefully we stay healthy
43 here
Grandpa twice
First gn in 88.
Brand new leftover with 28 miles on it stolen! !! NYC
Damm it sucks getting old
Like it was yesterday.
Deer park ave 231.

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I wonder who the youngest on the board is? I'm 21 and I bought my TR when I was 18.

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I wonder who the youngest on the board is? I'm 21 and I bought my TR when I was 18.

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Might be me still? 19 bought mine when I was 16. Owned an 84 at 14.

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