On the fence about going to a Diesel - looking at Cummins

It's a 4x4 crew cab, this was running empty, just the family and luggage. Sold my 2000 Ford Powerstroke and picked this up a few months back. It seems just as stout as the modded 7.3. I'm happy with it so far.

Wonder the difference between 2012 and 2013

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I have a 2005 quad cab dually 4x4 cummins. 156,000 miles auto trans. Bully dog tuner. I love this truck! 23mpg on the highway and 19 mpg towing my camper.
You can put the programmer on extreme and it will haul ass.

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After looking at carfax reports on various trucks at dealers, I can see that the modded ones are all blowing through transmissions. I guess they just get hot and burn up when the trucks are beat on. I did find an '06 Megacab with low miles, no brake controller, and the hitch receiver didn't have a scratch. Carfax is clean. I may check that out.
03 Dodge 3500 4x4 daily driver 20/21 around town 264,000 miles and had trans go out ay 195,000 convetor took out unit had my tranny guy build it and got a GOOD convetor, He says I should get 500,000 out of it before it may need freshin up, other then that put a FASS fuel system on it!!!!!

Orginal starter ,altenator, water pump and belevie it or not serpentine BELT!!!!

Tires are the most expesive mantience on the truck I run 35's and LOVE THE LOOK!!!!
Heres mine, every receipt since new. 06 with 63k miles. Love it.

Yup 5.9
This truck only has 63,000 miles and has never had a programmer or chip of any kind hooked up to it.

The only modifications are an AFE Stage 2 cold air intake, AFE 4" turbo back exhaust, and a Glacier Diesel MKII fuel filtration system. Oil and filters have been changed regularly with top of the line filters used. The GDP system incorporates a second, spin-on fuel filter for extra protection.

This truck has been babied it's entire life. Most of the miles have been highway road trips. I've averaged consistently between 18-22 mpg (hand calculated) depending on the driving.
Just spoke to a guy that has a 2012 6.7 Cummins. He said he gets 22-25mpg when running 70-85mph empty. And when he tows his boat trailer (8000#), he gets 13-15pg at 70-85mph.

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So I went and checked out a '06 Dodge 2500 HD Quad Cab. I never even test drove it because I could not get over the fact that the interior sucked so bad. I definitely have ruled out any Dodge that is not a Megacab at this point. I was surprised at how much nicer my Titan is. I also talked to a neighbor about his '08 Megacab. His Dad has an '07. Both have been relatively trouble free. He did say that he was not happy with the interior. He also mentioned that going up to the same camping area I go to, he gets 11mpg when towing 12,000 lbs and has to slow down to 40mph on the long 7% grades. I get 8mpg going up and 12 back. I slow down to 45 at the end of the same grade when towing 7500 lbs. Starting to think that my gasser is just fine.
My nephews third cousins wife's brothers sisters girlfriends got 50 MPG out of her VW diesel pick up rabbit. Does that count?:D
My nephews third cousins wife's brothers sisters girlfriends got 50 MPG out of her VW diesel pick up rabbit. Does that count?:D

Charlie, don't you know that if it's on the Internet, that it IS true? :D

It was good to get some feedback from someone local about gas mileage. All the mid-westerners claim the best MPG no matter what car you look at because they have no hills or mountains and the gas is better than the crap we have out here on the west side of the US. When I bought my Trailblazer SS I had a lot of people claim they got 17 city with mods. I got 13. So on that note, I don't pay a lot of attention to MPG claims on the Internet. I'm more concerned about towing experience and reliability.