One of life's most important unanswered questions


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May 25, 2001
What is the best hand cleaner made? Do you prefer pumice or no? Sanitizing or just regular?

That being said....

I like Fast Orange from Autozone. Works well, has pumice and with some slightly warm water will get off just about anything your project has to offer.

Jerry Berger Jr.
hand cleaner

I really like the fast orange, that's what i use, but I have to say the best I've ever used is sheepherder's, which the mechanics at the local DPW where i work use. The stuff actually has petroleum distillates in it and the pumice crystals are larger than fast orange.

Joe's disolves grease much better than Fast orange .Joe's hand cleaner works best for me .


Try something called Buckskin. It is in a pail and is pink in color. Best stuff I have found in 20 years. Cleans glass awesome!! And it is "good" for your hands. Not cheap but it does the job.

I've seen Buckskin for sale only at either truck stops or diesel shops I guess it's because either a) diesel gets under your skin like nothing else or b) because truckers just prefer it and other people like the popular Gojo or Fast Orange which are both good, but I'll have to agree with Bruce. Buckskin is not as cheap nor plentifully available as Gojo or Fast Orange, but it's some of the best stuff to use for your hands.
Turbo t/a 1543 has some good stuff at his shop, it has something like crushed walnut shell for the grit, does not need warm water to get it off either. Unlike that white hand cleaner ( many different kinds, all about the same ) it doesn't clog up the drain over time.
breck shampoo for oily hair. only good thing I could find when I worked at a junkyard 20 yrs ago. I heard that they sell it again.
Fast orange, but mix it with a bit of dish soap or shampoo.

Or wear gloves.
The stuff NuttsGT is referring to is called "SOYL". Made in Medina, Ohio by Woodbine Chemical Company. Doesn't have the pretty smell that some of you may like:D, but it takes off EVERYTHING (except skin).