One of the fastest Buicks is now 'officially' for sale - MeanKidsRacing Twin-Turbo-T


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Nov 29, 2001
Yes its true - :eek:

1987 Twin Turbo Race Car

This is one of the most unique cleanest race cars in the Buick community – it is considered a Back-half car as the stock fire wall is still there and in the stock location. It weighs in at 3060lbs and has been as fast as 4.96 in the 1/8th. (That’s a mid 7 second ¼ pass) I raced this car most of this year in the local Heads Up class (KOTH), so it has one true race season to it. The car is set up ready to go fast and straight. Here are the details.

Engine and Components:
4.1 Stage 2 Off Center block (.030 over), J&E Pistons, Carillo 6.5 Rods, Buick Motorsports 3.625 steel crankshaft, Stock oilpan modified to 7qt capacity with internal pickup, PTE 267/267 solid roller camshaft (Needle cam bearings), Stage II aluminum heads (Ported by Chapman Racing) - Titanium intake/exhaust T&D shaft mounted rockers, Stage II valve covers, Buick Motorsports carb intake converted to EFI by Champion Racing Heads, Lingenfelter upper plenum with TPI dual 57mm throttle body, Hi Volume front timing cover, Mezierre water pump, MSD distributor, MSD crank trigger, 160#/hr fuel injectors, MSD 7AL2 ignition, MSD 3 step rev limiter, FAST sequential system with wideband O2. Dual Weldon 2025A fuel pumps, Dual Weldon fuel pressure regulators, Dual Weldon fuel filters, CAS Aluminum radiator. Every hose on this car is steel braided.

Also available:
On center Stage 2 standard bore shortblock to be used as spare.

Turbos & Intercooler
2 PTE GTQ67s (Brand New, Custom water to air intercooler W/15 gallon fuel cell in car, Mezierre (ProStock style) water pump for intercooler, 2 Turbonetics Racegates, Innovative Turbo digital electronic boost controller.

CS1 Lenco 4 speed transmission, East/West 8 inch dual disk clutch, East/West SFI flywheel, SFI Browell bellhousing, Chrome moly driveshaft MW ends, (3) Air shift pods for Lenco, MSD shift controller, Co2 bottle for pods on shifter.

Also available:
TH-400 w/Brake (same transmission I went 8.4@168 with) including converter – as well as Spare TH-400 with brake. (2 total)

Chassis: Certified
Backhalf fabrication by Ray Miller Custom Race Cars (Clearwater, Florida) - 4 link with rear anti roll bar - HAL coil overs, Funny car cage, New certification, misc. fabrication by Joe Wilson Racecraft (Garland Texas), New custom tinwork by Joe Wilson Racecraft, Strange 9 inch rear end, 35 spline axle with spool (4.30 gears), Strange disc brakes in rear, Wilwood disk brakes front, VFN Fiberglass front end, doors, rear deck, rear end clip and dash. RM-10 Lexan front, rear and side windows, Flaming River Manual steering rack, 8 gallon fuel cell, Dual battery trays, New Dual Optima batteries, Parachute mount with Simpson chute, Autometer gauges including Tach, water temperature, oil pressure and brake pressure, Rear bumper mounted battery cutoff switch and battery charging posts, custom wheelie bars.

26’ Black enclosed Hallmark Elite II – Clean inside and out – 6K Generator – 3500lb wench – laminate cabinets (upper and lower) Inside and outside lighting. Custom Painted interior walls, checkered floor with roll plates.

Please visit for pictures.
Email me at for specifics.

If anyone knows of anybody looking to get in to a really nice "FAST" race car for cheap - please pass the word.


i already have a project, and have been following this car for ideas and such, but was just wondering why your selling it, new project mabe

yesterday this car went 8.0@152 in the 1/4

I lifted some where close to 900 feet 6.67sec in the run I lifted - we had 20+mph cross winds yesterday for the GMHTP deal and with it being up forsale I didn't want to push it really hard - so I turned the boost down, shifted it at 7100rpm and took some timing out and it still ran 5.10 to the 1/8th... I truely think this car has a high 7.50ish number in it.

yea I have a new project sort of =)

I didn't know you could make that sort of power on an off center motor and have it live.
Guess that shows how much I know:eek:
I know better now:)
It would cert. with very little work at a capable chassis shop. I just haven't needed to do it or it would have already been done. Where I have been racing they haven't really been an ass about it so I never took it east to get the sticker. I actually had some extra bars put in to make the 25.1C cert. and then they changed it from 25.1C to D - I am sure it would pass.


So the car has 25.1C Certification???
The car with a little help should meet the 25.1D and the new 25-2 Spec???

Thanks in advance and sorry to be picky!
no problem at all - no it does not have a 25 sticker - I never needed it.

but I will gladly have it certified when you bring me the cash...


If it hasn't been certified, you will have to add the new "Kidney Bar" that will run down the left side of the drivers seat diagonally. Then you should be 25:1D.