opinion of C4 vette vs C5....

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My dad is in the corvette market and the two we looked at are these:

1996 collector edition conv. LT4, 6 speed, 41K miles, all options silver with black top/interior, chrome ZR1 wheels, it looks pretty flawless and has newer BFG G force KD's $24.5K


1999 C5 coupe, red with tan leather, LS1, auto, both glass and body color removable roofs, chrome Z06 wheels, 23K miles, some minor dress-up items, and Corsa exhaust $28K

I personally like the LT4 drop top, but he's not sure which one he likes better. I keep trying to talk him into the 70 455 T/A with really low miles and it looks like something that would hold value better than the C5....what do you guys think?
I'm pretty sure i'm going to be in the minority here, but I really like the LT4 motor and the way its power is delivered. They are both lookers but I guess the nod goes to the C5 in the looks. But the convertable C4 is cool as well. I guess it all comes down to what he is looking for. The newer vette will be a little more refined and better built. But then there is nothing like pulling away or sticking with a new C5 in one of those "outdated C4s" lol.
The 96 CE is a very good choice but of course im a c4 man myself. Find a 96 Gran Sport and you will forget about both of the others.
I also vote for the lt-4==and also agree--find a GS and you will be happy.The c-5 is a great car though---can't go wrong with either one!!!!!!

P.S.--i have a buddy who just a CE coupe w/ 71k miles,lt-4 6-sped.First time to drag strip,completely bone stock, on regular radials-----he ran 13.19@107.5--pretty impressive.
The collectors edition will be the better investment, but we all know that cars and investments shouldn't be in the same sentance.

I'll be the odd ball here and say get the c5. I'll agree that the lt4 would be a little cooler due to its rarity, but the c5 is a much nicer car. Go out and drive both. The c4 is a completely different car than the c5. The c5 is a much better built car, is much smoother and tighter. Take them both down a bumpy road and you'll feel like the c4 is going to rattle apart.
After owning a 95 C4 and driving a couple C5s, I vote for the C5. Its a totally different car with MANY awesome improvements.

Your not going to tell much difference in speed, they are both about as fast and if you wanna go faster there are tons of LS1 speed parts.

Get the C5, much better car.
For those that have owned both (96 Coupe & 2002 Z06) I think you will find near 100% of the folks will take a c-5 over a c-4. They are night and day different.

IMHO, the C5 is a night and day difference than the C4. My main thing was how much easier it is to get in and out of them. The door sills are no longer above the seat. There is a lot more leg room for both the driver and passenger, plus the newer convertibles and coupes have actual trunks now!
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph... I haven't had a corvette since selling my 95 ZR1 in 96. Now you guys got me wondering how much better they are now. Hail Mary full of grace, my Buicks are with me, blessed are they among cars and blessed is the gsx among them. Holy Mary pray for us sinners, etc... Don't get me started on Corvettes again!
I owned a C4 (1996) and have two friends with C5's (1997 & 1999). Although no one has yet mentioned it, it is far easier to get into and out of the C5 models. And although I had the electronic ride control, I thought both the C5 models handled better. Given the choices you presented, I would opt for the C5.
I forgot to say forget about the TA. In the short term (and for the rest of your life memories) I'm certain you'd be better off in a Vette. Unless of course you could get your father into an '87 GN. That would be a sweet deal.
funny thing is, the whole reason he is looking for another muscle car is because he sold the T Type to me! Mom told him she was sick of looking at it just sit in the driveway and if he didn't sell it she would put a $2500 tag on it. I tried to get him to buy a GN so we could hit shows together and stuff but he's still bitter about losing his 67 427/435hp convertible...I think there is no going back for him.
I own a 95 and have driven many C5's. I am getting ready to sell my C4 to get a C5, probably the Z06. I love my 95, but the C5 is a much better built car as the above have stated. I am 6-3 and getting in and out of the C4 is cumbersome at times.

My advice though, is to wait a little bit until the C6 is about to come out and there will be C5s a plenty at much better prices than they are now.;)
What do you make of the rediculous prices on old corvettes though. Maybe the c4 & c5 won't go through it.

In '77 I sold a 65 327/250 3spd floor shift vette for $3200. As a car with 125K miles, that was still a premium price. I just don't get it why they sell for over 20K now.

First gear wasn't synchro, but I got so good at feathering the rpms to get into first gear that eventually I was shifting into all the gears without using the clutch.