opinion of C4 vette vs C5....

I'll give my 2 cents on this. I just spent the weekend in my good friend's 96 CE (Collector's Edition) C4 Vette and all I can say is this thing pulls like a freight train. Her's is the auto version and while I'd rather have the 6 speed, this car is impressive to say the least. She looked for the M6 car, but found this one on accident. Nice example. Rides ...well...like a Corvette...but handles like a freakin' dream and just keeps on pulling. Put over 600 miles on it in the past few days. She let me use it while she was out of town. If I were a Vette buyer, I'd buy a C5 becasue I think they are much more refined and such, but the LT4 is no slouch. Definaltely would pull away from the 96 SS M6 Camaro I had.

Overall good experience. Quite a fun weekend actually. Besides, you can't beat the looks you get when you pull up in a silver penis on wheels:eek:

If it's just a weekend toy, and you want the investment potential, go with the 70 TA. They are at the top of the list of appreciating muscle cars. The vettes will only go down in value, CE or not. Just my opinion.

Of course, if you're going to go the TA route, may I suggest a muscle Mopar instead? :D
I'll take a C4 Vette with a John Meaney built twin turbo SBC please (1300hp on pump gas is nice).... maybe a C5 with the Lingenfelter built twin turbo 427ci C5R motor.... or how about both!:D ;) It's nice to dream:) :cool:
Definately talk him into the t/a! Vettes have become a dime a dozen, but that is a rare t/a. If I ever get an old muscle car again it would be a 69' or 70' t/a, preferably the white with blue stripes.

If he is stuck on getting a Vette, that seems like a pretty good price on the C5.
I have been in a C5 and have drivin a 96 CE with the LT4 and 6-speed, but it was a removeable glass panel top.

Um, I realize that the C5 has improvememnts( its a newer desig) Just liek a 2002 Z28 is faster and rides better than an 89 Trans Am.
Its just a matter of persona preference. I would personally want the Collectors Edition. It is on my I want to own one one day list.
My girlfriend in High Schools mom had one. God it was Awesome. I was driving it everywhere(even with out the GF often) in 96. I put aroun 12,000 miles on it.
I personally don't think the LS1 has the grunt power of the LT4. Again, though its smoother and much faster at speed. It all gos back to personal preference, but count my vote in for the LT4.