opinions to buy a 1980 turbo monte carlo?


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May 23, 2006
im a newb when it comes to old school a dn classic cars. i currently own a 98 pontiac grand prix GTP thats modded. so heres the scoop, my co-worker has an '80s monte carlo that is the turbocharged version of the 231 V6 rated at 170 hp found in the buicks. the car was in a small accident which resulted in a cracked passenger headlight. this was 5-6 years ago and it was not driven since. he said b4 it sat it had regular oil changes and had the premium fuel used. he also said its the 3-speed auto and both the motor and trans were in perfect condition b4 he stopped driving it. he's only looking for 400-500 for the whole car. is this a good deal? i dunno how well the turbo is after sitting for 5-6 years but would this be a good fix-it-up car or its not worth the time and material?
i got some opinions on doing a motor swap to the turbo 87 GN, but thats not until a few years down the road. im curious if i cna fix and do a nice tune-up and have this as a weekend car with enough umph to have some nice drives:biggrin: . any tips on what to look for when i go and take a look at it as well as any ways to see if the moneys worth investing in. any help is greatly appreciated.
Probally best to post this in the b4black carb-turbo forum. Hey if you aint scared away by the thought of than I'd say go for it. IMO thats a parts car since it hasn't been driven for a long time. I'd say if the seller cant get it running than its worth $200-$250. The only draw back is that it is probally the ugliest model I can think IMO. I'm not a big fan of the styling on those 78-80 Montes. Now if by chance it's a 1981 than good score.:cool: