Optima Battery install

I'm trying to install an Optima Red top 35/75 in the GN and the battery hold down doesn't reach, anyone have pictures of how it should be installed?


Doug D
I just took a scrap chunk of 1/2" x 1" rectangular stock and slid it under the stock hold down like a spacer, Then drill for two small screws to secure it. works great.
I used a long strip of rubber that I cut from a bedmat. The battery now doesn't move! Take a walk around home depot or any hardware store and try to get some ideas.
Optima does offer adapters for some applications....I have no idea if they will have what you need but if interested you might call or email their customer service.
I figured it out, I cut out a piece of 1/2 inch plywood the dimensions of the battery and put it under the battery, fits tight. Thanks guys.

Doug D
Would relocating it to the trunk be a good thing for our cars? I'm about to put in an Optima also. :) Didn't mean to steal you thread.