or maybe 17s...BS question

This pic is 17 X 8 front with 4" BS and 17 X 9.5 rear with 4.75" BS and the same tire sizes you mentioned.


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grocerygetter said:
what backspacing do I have to have to clear a 17x9.5 in the back...what tire? I don't want to roll fenders or notch the frame.
I think 4.75" BS would clear fine, but you really need to check your car specifically. What I did was take a piece of angle steel and measured 13" from one end and made a mark on it. I then pulled my wheel off and held the angle steel flat against my brake drum mounting surface with the mark right about even with the center of the axle. That'd give me about a 26" OD on the tire. I then rotated the axle slowly and measured from the edge of the steel to the frame and inner wheel tub at as many spots as I could. That would give my the most back spacing I could have. Then do the same measuring to the outer wheel well lip. When you add the two up it'll give you the widest wheel you should use(you'll want to subtract a little bit to both inner and outer measurements for extra clearance). That way I could be sure to get the right wheel for MY car. ;) You should be able to get a 275 tire under there no problem. A Sumitomo 275/40WR17 tire (which is what I had) shows a 11.1" tire section width HERE .

49-blues said:
HYBRIDT- you got a real nice car there- id like to see more pics.
There's some nice pics in my signature below and here's a couple that aren't there yet.

Hope that helps,


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