Otc 2000


Feb 25, 2002
I just purchased a used otc 2000......this will be my first scan tool....i would just like a few replies on what you all think about it...also from what ive read it pretty much does everything but moniter boost...i have a 87 gn.........one last thing if i had the money i would have bought a scan master ... but for the price of the otc i could not pass it up..... hopefully the otc can "tune" my car properly......
Before I found this site & learned of the various scan tools being used, I bought an OTC4000E through the GSCA. From what I understand it is just an updated version to the one you have. I've got some better info lying around if you need to know more. There are of course better tools available as you know, but the OTC will help you alot. You can set your IAC & TPS, as well as monitor the different readings on the car. If there's anything I can help you with just let me know bud.:)

Plug that thing in & start learning with it. :)

well, last night i was playing around alittle with the new otc 2000....its really cool.... i could have used this thing along time ago just for basic troulbleshooting....anyway, thanks for the reply.... it seems to have all the manuals with it.. .so hopefully ill figure out how to use it .... if not i will let you know... thankyou ... : )

i have been reading the manual for my otc 2000... i have noticed that you are able to hook up the otc to a pc..... however i called otc and they want about 350 for the program....does any one know where i can get ..." system 2000 terminal software" .....also would i really need something like this... ????
another question

i have another question about my otc 2000.......after reading the instructions, i dont see anything about it being able to record any info...well it looks like theres an optional anticipator/communicator that is suppost to hook up to the otc and then it will be able to record 30 seconds of info......im just wondering if i should try and find one of these......seems to me that in order to tune my car properly i will need to do full quarter mile runs and then review the data........if anyone has any input on this please let me know....thanks
You have to have the mid90s "Pathfinder" cartridge to record, or use the big bulky "Anticipator/Communicator" monster.
pathfinder cartridge

wow... so i could purchase a pathfinder cartridge instead of the big anti/comm to record....with my otc 2000..... if you have any more info on this pathfinder ..... like a part number or if anyone has one they would like to sell let me know.....thanks again .. for the help...
I have an otc 2000 that I bought from the traveling snap-on tool man several years ago and it has the ability to record. It is called A Cartridge/Anticpator. Do you have the1990 3-in-1 Domestic cartridge?
If you do I belive your in luck.I have the 1990 version and it came with the 3-in 1 instruction manual, on pages g-136 thru g-153 it gives complete instructions on setup and and usage.
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