Outside Car Cover


Jun 16, 2011
Good Afternoon:
Just wanted to see if anyone might have any recommendations on a good outdoor car cover and the name of a company to buy it from. Need a good one for the NY weather and upcoming winter.
Thanks for any suggestions!! Have a great day!!
This cover by Motor Trend is by far the best cover I've ever used. It's the only cover that's kept my T still clean after it's rained and pollen/dirt free when it's windy. It also holds up very well against uv damage. Mine's been on my car for a little over 2 years and it's still in good shape. It's not too expensive and it's on sale now for 20% off. Just make sure you order the 210" L one. I included the link below. And here's a tip for anyone with a hood ornament, like me. If you don't want it tearing through your cover, just put the cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll over it and then fold it. No more torn covers.



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For $63 I think that is great. I would suggest a Evolution 4 (many brands sell Evo 4) they are normally hundreds of dollars but heck, the car still gets a little dirty. Their advantage is that the Evo 4 lets air pass through so you don't have trapped in moisture. This seems to claim the same for much less.
Good Evening:
Thanks very much for the recommendations. I have a quick question about the MotorTrend cover and the size - 210 inches, when our Turbo Regals are 200 inches. With the 10 inches to spare, will it hang over or does it fit tight to the car? The price sure is great!!
Thanks again!! Have a great night and enjoy your weekend!!!
The cover fits snug and tight. There are 2 nylon straps with plastic clips in the front and back to tighten the cover. Also, a locking cable in the center I leave the straps/cable relatively loose and have never had the cover ever begin shifting. Even with the strong wind I occasionally get.
Great - Thanks again for the recommendation and information!! I 'm going to order it today. Enjoy your weekend!!