Outside Window Molding


Feb 17, 2004
I want to know if the molding that is on the outside of the window, the peice that runs along the top of the door is available from anywhere? Mine is dry rotted and cracked, peeling off. Does anyone know if OEM is available for this or another source. Also looking for a source for a pair of rust free doors.
I have a NOS pair (for both doors) I bought a year ago. I paid $80 for them. I'll take that plus shipping.

email me if you want them.
Any way you could email me a picture of them so I can make sure those are what I need, cause I am interested in them.
i bought mine about 2 months ago for about 60.00 from a gm dealership, i'd check there first
If you don't buy Nashtys call this place P&G Chevy 1 888 870 0280 ext 214 he will help you out.
Tarey D.